Case Studies

CKD/Cardiac/Pulmonary Case Study

77-year-old Female (A.W) admitted to Crest Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center from Ocean Medical Center with admitting diagnosis of Acute on Chronic CHF, CAD, Hypertension and AFIB. Patient has a history of Stage 3 CKD, Diabetes and COPD.

Clinical Interventions:

Medication Management: IV Ampicillin, Spironolactone, Digoxin, Midodrine, Metoprolol, Prednisone Taper
Monitor Vitals: Hypotension Management
Monitor Labs: CBC, CMP weekly
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation: Oxygen 2-3 lpm continuous
Wound Healing: Stage 3 Sacral Wound

The Complexity of this patient makes Crest Pointe’s Campus of Excellence the right choice to be closely monitor followed weekly on Nephrology, Pulmonary and Cardiac Rounds.

The combined efforts of Dr. Albanese, Shore Pulmonary Group and Dr. Sandler allow for titration of medications and the dosing necessary to continue care at the current level, avoiding an unplanned hospitalization.

The #CareSafely Model and the Friendly, Compassionate Staff makes Crest Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center #NextToHome

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