Thank you to the staff for your kindness and care! My time at Crest Pointe got me back on my feet and helped my confidence to head back home. The atmosphere and activities kept my spirits up as I worked to get back home after my fall and surgery. The physical therapy team were kind and kept me on track to complete my goal.

Beatrice Turrian

“It is a Beautiful experience! My mom is a resident at Crest Pointe. I have been many times when she is having her lunch. I am so impressed with quality of the food and variety. It is a beautiful experience from the way they are awaited upon, the sensitivity of the staff and the quality of food served. It is just excellent. Thank you, Kim Giovanni, who keeps making this happen.”

Pam Falcone

“Thank you to the team at Crest Pointe for the care and thoughtfulness throughout my stay. I appreciate the time Charles especially spent with me and the joking around was much appreciated when I needed it most. The physical therapists were all around great and they are hard workers. Robert Forbes is a Point Pleasant residents for almost 30 years. He loves to fish and go down to the inlet to relax with his wife. Thank you Robert for choosing to rehab local with Crest Pointe!”

Robert Forbes

“I had a great experience at Crest Pointe. The staff were very kind, caring and helpful. They truly took care of me in a time of need. From my medical needs all the way through to my therapy needs. Charles, Annie, Joe and Lisa J, were great! As were all the aides, Clarissa, Alexa, Big Bill. Cassie, Kyle and all the rehab staff were very patient with me and did a great job! Truly all the staff at Crest Pointe have been so good to me, including Yossi, Megan, and Abe. To be honest, I will be a little sad leaving and will miss you all!!”

Tony Maddalone

“I came in with Covid and needed TLC being a diabetic. That was the main reason I landed in the emergency room at OUMC before finding out I also had Covid. I was then transferred to Crest Pointe for additional care. The staff was caring and helpful during my time here. The wound care needed for my foot was top notch during my stay.”

Charles Gorrie Jr.

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