“The food is amazing! I get excited every day to see what my next meal is going to be. It is important to have good food when you are not able to go get your own. The kitchen takes care of everything I ask for. I call and let them know when something is perfect, or if I think there needs to be something changed. I made sure to call after we had pasta with meat sauce – it was the best thing I have ever eaten!
Even my friends that come to visit are impressed with the food that I get to eat every day!

–Lucielle Mueller

“There is something about sitting out here and watching the water that just gives me a breath of fresh air. Nothing beats it, it is so calming.”

–Jessie Pichirallo

“I have really learned to enjoy spending time with my Mom watching the boats go by and just talking, we haven’t been able to do that in a very long time. Thank you for helping with everything along the way. I remember the day that I came in here after touring a bunch of places, and I was so burnt out. But the way that you sat and listened to me, you just got it. You understood what I was going through and let me just go through it and helped me. You knew what I needed and when I asked to sit on the bed and I looked out the window, you knew that I needed to feel what my Mom would feel every day and you made it work for her to have that exact bed. Thank you so much, you have no idea.”

–Susan Dietz

“Since being at Crest Pointe, I have made friends and I have been living in a great atmosphere. The activities have a very good variety. It is so healthy to be breathing fresh air as I sit on the deck waving to all the boats as they go by in the canal. Therapy has helped me very much too – I love going and I love working with Dan. He is a great therapist.
It really stood out to me when I got pneumonia on a Sunday night and the nurse that was on stayed by my side the entire night. She never left my side, even when I was scared. That will always mean so much to me and I will always remember that.”

–Anna Alberta

After five and a half years, happy tears are flowing all day as I say goodbye to all the people that I now call my friends! I worked really hard to get to where I am, but I did it. I didn’t know where I was going, but this place gave me direction. The direction I didn’t know I needed but got me to today. The staff was incredible from day one. Brendan gave me a hug that meant so much to me. And the water helps tremendously. It has been so calming through the years. I feel like I have never missed a single Jersey Shore summer!

–Kat Collins

I see big things in the future for this facility!
“I was VERY pleased with my room on the water, so serene! It was a complete mind, body and soul rehab experience for me to be honest. The Rehab staff were amazing: Dana, Margot, Pat, and Christine helped me a great deal and were so pleasant to be around! Kim, the food service director was very accommodating as well. Joe and Amanda were very nice and made my nursing experience a breeze! I loved having my son visit and hanging out on the patio on nice days.”

–Gregory Pulley

I am headed home to resume life thanks to the great team at the NEW Crest Pointe! I would easily recommend them to anyone in need!
“My stay at Crest Pointe Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center was a great one! The team was just so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. They really make the whole facility. The food was great and you can’t forget the view – so peaceful.”

–Bonnie Fisher